Some dishonest media call us a PMC and a terrorist organization – this is an insult for us.

Who are terrorists?
Terrorists are those who purposefully kill civilians in order to force someone to fulfill their political demands; those who use terror for their own purposes. This is exactly what the Assad regime and Russia are doing right now, purposefully bombing the civilian population of Syria to force them to stop the Revolution, surrender and accept the tyrant regime of Assad. For years, Russia and Assad have been massively killing women and children, deliberately bombing maternity homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, bakeries, markets, residential areas, houses and using all kinds of weapons, including chemical weapons. The regime of Assad has imprisoned thousands (more than 13000) of peaceful and innocent Syrian women and is torturing them. The Assad regime and the Putin regime are real terrorists, war criminals and enemies of humanity. Both regimes subject the people of Syria to real genocide.

And we, Malhama Tactical, are not terrorists and never been them. Any our Mujahid has never participated in any terrorist attack in any country, even indirectly. And we do not support terrorist methods of struggle and any attacks on civilians. And we do not have any ties and affairs with any terrorist organization, and we do not train terrorists. We are strongly against terrorism, and we have fought and are fighting terrorism represented by the terrorist regimes of Bashar al-Assad, Russia and Iran and the so-called “Islamic State”.
We are assistants to the Syrian revolution, who have come to defend women and children whom the Assad terrorist regime mercilessly kills everyday. And we declare for everyone that we have nothing to do with the unjust labels that some people hang on us: we are neither terrorists nor a PMC.

What is a private military company?

This is generally bunch of mercenaries who earn money through their military activities. But we do not receive and never received and did not demand money for our work. We are volunteers who fight on the side of the oppressed people, and we do it for free, and moreover, many of us left our homes, studies, work, families, friends in our countries. Therefore, we urge everyone not to use such terms as “terrorists” and “private military company” in our address.

We are a voluntary military organization fighting for the protection of civilians and their rights. We are fighters against tyranny and terrorism.

We are the Mujahideen.

Malhama Tactical

September 16, 2019

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